It is the mission of the academy to provide a high quality educational program for young people of the Dover area aged between 8yrs to 25yrs of age in the performing arts. This is accomplished through an extensive training and workshop program based in the Roundhouse Theatre situated in the Dover Discovery Centre. We will offer a wide range of performance, technical and theatre management options for anyone who wants to learn.

We will plan every lesson carefully which will include introductory activities, speech, verbal dynamics, creative movement. Dance drama, language development, structured improvisation, scene starters, mini-scripts, presentations and productions. Each lesson will stimulate all members to be fully involved and highly motivated.
We will give local youngsters the opportunity to work with professional actors, directors and performers during their training. Every member will have the opportunity to audition for a production and work with various professionals, this auditioning process will be covered within their tuition.

Our intention is to create a premiere arts and entertainment centre which provides people of all ages within the Dover area with a creative outlet for their energies, and a canvas for painting a future for the younger people. Our plans include; facility expansion to include an arts education academy; expansion of the community theatre project; formation of a drama company and dance troupe, development of a cabaret supper club/dinner theatre and creation of a strong employment and entrepreneurship training program.