This particular production was developed primarily by our senior academy workshop members. They had decided that they would like to put on a showcase to show their acting talents – what better way than to put on an evening of monologues. The production featured 15 of our Senior workshop members and proved to be very… Read More

Written by Andy Brown & Steve Williamson, this was a modern intepretation of the old Robin Hood tale. It featured a cast of 60 people from all over the community, young & old and was directed by Richard, Mike & Barry. We decided to give this oterwise traditional musical the ‘Blackfish touch’ which included; Friar… Read More

This was the most traditional show that the academy has done to date. It involved a cast of young & old people between the ages of 8yrs-80yrs. The production also used a 12 piece orchestra under the musical direction of Richard Ansell.… Read More