Blackfish Junior Workshop Code of Conduct
  • Respect students and tutors.
  • Listen when other people are speaking.
  • Co-operate with the group.
  • Concentrate on our work.
  • Always try your best.
  • No food or drink (except water) to be consumed in the Theatre.
  • No chewing or bubble gum.
  • Students should wear loose comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.
  • Mobile phones not to be used during classes.
  • Always be aware of other students safety during class.
  • Accidents  must be reported immediately to the tutor.
  • Students must NEVER interfere with Stage Equipment.
  • We have a zero tolerance to smoking, drugs, alcohol and bad language
  • Students  are required to notify tutors of holiday, sickness or other absence.
Blackfish reserve the right to exclude any student who does not comply with the Code of Conduct.
Blackfish tutors are all DBS Checked and fully comply with the Child Protection  policy.
If you have any concerns or issues please speak to the tutor.
Contact Mike and Jenny on 07854 987065
Revised by  Blackfish Academy 2019