Tick Tick Boom tells the story of Jon, a promising composer in New York City in the early nineties and his struggle to see his vision for a new experimental musical through to the end, despite self -doubt, life’s pressures and the overwhelming feeling that he’s running out of time to make it big. Written by Jonathan Larson, who would later go on to create the highly successful and iconic musical RENT before tragically passing away at a very young age, Tick Tick Boom is one of his earlier works, which is partly autobiographical and draws on his own early experiences of struggling to get recognition for his work in a tough industry at a time before social media. With a memorable and exhilarating score containing such numbers as ‘Why’ and ‘Louder than Words’ and a heartfelt, humorous and at times poignant story, this guarantees to be an immensely enjoyable and thought-provoking evening of entertainment.

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